Important for young entrepreneurs to take tough decisions amid COVID-19 threat: Pawan Ruia

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Having disrupted major economies across the world, the COVID-19 poses an equal threat to the young entrepreneurs. The epidemic has already spread to more than 180 countries and affected over 2 million people. The governments have been left with no choice, but to enforce an absolute lockdown across the country.

As a result, all the industries have been impacted across the nation. Both small and big businesses are finding it difficult to operate smoothly or at least protect their employees and stake-holders in an uncertain situation. However it is important for the businesses to keep going by finding innovative ways. Ruia Group chairman, Pawan Ruia believes that it is important for the young entrepreneurs to take tough decisions and back the same to limit the damage in this scenario. “There is no option, but to allow the employees to work remotely at this juncture,” he says.

The business owners can use the free tools to connect with each and every employee even during the lockdown. However, connectivity can prove to be a major issue in such circumstances. So, it will be better to invest in such equipment that can enhance the connectivity, rather than facing elimination. It is easier to organise team meetings and review the work from time to time with flawless connectivity.

According to Pawan Ruia, it is important for the young entrepreneurs to adapt and evolve constantly to make their presence felt in the current era. After leading Ruia Group to new heights, Pawan knows what it takes to make the difference in a desperate situation.

During the current epidemic, it is highly possible that a few team members may not be available due to certain reasons. A business owner can simply ask for help online, rather than making things difficult during testing times. “It is way easier to get in touch with skilled individuals online nowadays.

You may have to bear the extra cost, but the show must go on,” says Ruia. The COVID-19 epidemic has made life difficult for everyone. The young entrepreneurs have been adversely affected and the future seems to be uncertain. However, it is important not to lose hope and give your best to overcome this pandemic

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