From asset protection to crowd maintenance, how video analytics helps in ensuring effective operations across various sectors

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Artificial Intelligence has been transforming how we use technology on day-to-day basis, making every task more efficient and effective with less effort. While it has undoubtedly enhanced our personal experiences in many aspects of our lives, AI has also been helping organisations in maintaining security and protecting their assets through intelligent video analytics. Traditional surveillance practices do help in ensuring security to some extent, however with the integration of video analytics, security officers can gain a technological edge which can’t be offered by any other surveillance systems.

In fact, experts say that humans who are engaged in mundane tasks have the attention span of only around 20 minutes. With that said, the chances of error are more, especially across crucial sectors that involve securing assets and maintaining large crowds. This is why companies like XRVision have been framing solutions to tackle the challenges faced by public and private sectors through IoT solutions to complement the initial human judgement.

The AI-enabled video analytics and facial recognition systems help in recognising faces while extracting meaningful data which can be leveraged across various industries to ensure security of assets, control crowds and more. Not only do they observe the asset-protected areas, with the intelligence that has been incorporated in the system, they also notify the operators in case of any unusual, malicious activity or possible threats.

Furthermore, from hospitals, malls, airports to grocery stores and subway stations, these AI-powered video analytics solutions can ensure cost-effective regulatory compliance across public places. Owing to their unparalleled operational efficiency and accuracy, investment firms have started to foray in this relatively untapped market, one of which is Boundary Holding founded by Rajat Khare who is an active investor in deep tech associated industries.

Having invested in the Singapore-based XRVision, the Luxembourg based investment firm has been aiming to leverage the video vide analytics company’s growing market potential. “We value the potential of XRVision’s AI-based technology in recognising faces, whilst extracting actionable data to maintain public order, and its ability to expand into various industries to assure safety,” said Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence into security through video analytics and facial recognition systems has undoubtedly helped in curbing the chances of human error. With the advent of AI, the experience of harnessing technology has become all the more personal and useful.

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