Essential information on Education Law: Requirements and Job opportunities

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To ensure that federal laws and policies are upheld, system has professionals in the field of education law. From Lawyers, to postsecondary teachers, to educational administrators, they all work in the field of education law. That said, their level of education differs, while administrators are required to have a master’s degree, lawyers just need a law degree to enter the career field. Therefore, one thing is certain that to have a career in education law, one needs a bachelor’s degree.

Educational reform influences both the national and state policies. This in turn affects students, schools and institutions across the country. Thus, the professionals are required to uphold and enforce these national and state regulations.

Best Career options:

If you think one can only become a lawyer after the completion of education law, then you couldn’t be any wrong. As per the experts at New Law College, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, besides becoming a lawyer, one with a specialization in educational law can also make an impact with educational reforms by becoming school instructors or post-secondary teachers.

Importance of Education law:

The field has multiple opportunities for lawyers, policymakers and related professionals. Their dedicated efforts can bring more fairness in the education system, creating a new chapter by advocating for poor and underprivileged students. They may create laws to eliminate gender or cultural bias with enhanced learning and other interactive exercises.

Career opportunities in education law:

Educational legislators develop and endorse laws related to education. These professionals have the potential and power to establish regulations in the educational sector. They may also opt to teach their profession in postsecondary institutions. Besides this, they can work towards ensuring that institutions in the country abide by the existing laws.

Employment outlook and prospective salary:

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lawyers could look forward to 6% employment growth. While lawyers can expect an average rate of growth from 2018 to 2028, postsecondary education administrators and teachers will enjoy growth rates.

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