E-learning apps: Academic experts now just a click away!

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The radical shifts in technology have helped in breaking a number of barriers posed by the traditional education system. Not only are students in rural areas now able to access education, but it has also enabled students to receive quality education anytime and anywhere through several e-learning platforms.A number of e-learning apps have emerged in India’s ed-tech space over the past few years, each of them catering to a different set of learners. Attributing to these apps, students can now learn at their own pace and style without having to remain at par with their subject teachers or classmates. However, one of the key features of these platforms is the option of ‘Live Chat’.

For instance, smart learning apps like Toppscholars have a ‘Teachers Connect’ feature which enables the students to chat with subject matter experts in case of any doubt. Here are some of the other ways in which this feature benefits students:

· Offering an interactive learning experience: For students, it can often be frustrating when you are unable to find a solution to any math problem instantaneously, especially when you are practising it after school hours and you have no one to turn to for help. In this regard, an e-learning app with a chat feature is the best resort. It offers real-time collaboration and discussion that can lead to an in-depth understanding of any concept. Learning platforms like Toppscholars, by leveraging technological tools, make the learning experience more interactive for students from every corner of the country.

· Bridge learning gaps with voice and video chats: Certain e-learning apps offer the feature of video chat as well — something students can always bank on since face to face interaction helps them in wrapping their head around any concept better.

· Seek guidance from the top experts: The chat is undoubtedly a striking feature of e-learning apps. However, as a student, before subscribing to any package you may wonder — are those teachers experienced and skilled enough?

In order to provide the best learning solution to its users, CBSE learning app Toppscholars connects the students to academic experts from renowned educational institutions like IIT, AIIMS and other leading colleges. Thus, it ensures that the students get the best guidance from top experts throughout their learning process.

A boon for all kinds of learners, the features like ‘Teachers Connect’ are yet another milestone in the education sector. When it comes to imparting knowledge to today’s diversified youth, the traditional delivery method may not work for all. Learning content that can be personalised is the ideal solution — something e-learning apps offer.

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