Dream Weaver of India’ moves to artistic luxury with Malabar Secrets

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A trendsetter, fashion entrepreneur, and an artist — Bina Ramani has made many headlines, and been the talk of the town ever since she shifted her base from New York to New Delhi in the 1980s. After reigning the Indian and international fashion circles as the ‘Godmother of Fashion in India’, Bina Ramani is now invested in her latest venture, Malabar Secrets.

The septuagenarian entrepreneur is defying age everyday with her energy and enthusiasm, and has launched a range of spice-flora infusions, spiced dark artisanal chocolates and unique 9 spiced ambrosia honey. Bringing ‘India in a bottle’, products by Malabar Secrets promise to offer a bounty of ancient wisdom’s health along with natural sweet sting of spices.

Malabar Secrets aims at enhancing the quality of life by creating a perfect interplay between leisure and health. The exclusive formulas of unsweetened natural spice, flora and fruits embody the science of Ayurveda and Botanic wellbeing. The impeccable range of healthy concentrates grouped with six to nine complimenting flavours per bottle enhance the taste of your drinks, giving you an ethereal experience.

Talking about what inspired her to start her latest venture, Bina Ramani said in an interview, “My team and I wanted to serenade people’s senses and to enrich plain waters with fine taste of health. For almost two years, we traversed through the legendary spice fields of Malabar region. After carefully studying various spices, their medicinal properties and unique aromas, we lovingly developed our product that combines immaculate health with impeccable taste. Malabar Secrets is nothing short of a gastronomical extravaganza.”

She added, “I’ve always been a passionate person which is how I embraced this newest passion discovering the spice legends of India. During my battle with cancer, I was always told about the importance of drinking lots of water. It was usually boring to down several glasses of water so here was the answer which I had searched for years. I turned to flowers, fruits, spices and all sorts of aromatic flavours and this was my moment to put my idea to work.”

My team and I have created a range of elixirs, dark artisanal chocolates and spiced honey by Malabar Secrets bring an extravaganza of heavenly flavours by combining elements like nutmeg, black pepper, coriander, cardamom, cayenne pepper, and anise with floral infusions in the form of jasmine, rose, saffron and also apricots, peaches & more.

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